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Ratana Aiyawongse's documentary film entitled RE-LIVE

Kagan Goh thanking Capilano University documentary film student Ratana Aiyawongse for making a 10-minute documentary film entitled RE-LIVE about my journey of recovery from mental illness and how I came from being a Kettle client to coming full circle to becoming a mental health worker at the Kettle Friendship Society. Eternally grateful to Ratana Aiyawongse for helping promote the amazing work of the Kettle Friendship Society and for helping to promote mental health to mental wealth.

Here is the new re-edited film with credits acknowledging Kagan Goh as director of the archival footage of STOLEN MEMORIES and THE DAY MY CAT SAVED MY LIFE and Filmographer: Veronika Khvorostukhina for the 3-minute video of SURVIVING SAMSARA.

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