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Kagan Goh sharing that Australian-born actor Berlin Lu has come onboard my next film entitled COMMON LAW playing the role of me, Kagan Goh, in my 20's.

Berlin Lu brings his lived experience of being a caretaker of his mother who lives with Schizophrenia. He brings substance and gravitas to the role of Kagan Goh having witnessed up close and personal living with a family member who lives with mental illness. Berlin Lu has come onboard not only as lead actor but also Executive Producer and co-screenwriter for the film COMMON LAW.

PROJECT SYNOPSIS A mental health film: An Asian-Canadian man with manic depression tries to survive in a world built to work against him. This film chronicles a turbulent time in our protagonist, Kagan's, life when he is rejected from government disability benefits.

Berlin Lu acted in The World Is Bright — a Canadian documentary film, directed by Ying Wang and released in 2019.

The film centres on Qian Hui Deng and Xue Mei Li, a couple from China whose son Shi Ming committed suicide soon after emigrating to Canada, focusing both on their long campaign to understand the circumstances of his death and the mental health struggles often faced by immigrants due to their social, linguistic and cultural isolation from their new surroundings.

Berlin Lu is a Writer, Director and Actor. Born in Melbourne, Australia to Chinese parents. His mother was an Elementary Teacher, his father was a Scholar and Russian interpreter to Mao Zedong. His father battled with Dementia and died just before Berlin’s 16th birthday. He became a carer for his mother who suffers from Schizophrenia.

Berlin graduated from the University of Melbourne and was a Senior Consultant at KPMG while also performing in amateur theatres, indie films and a TV show in Australia. In 2016, he decided to leave KPMG and pursue acting and filmmaking in Vancouver, Canada.

He has played various TV/Film characters in "Supernatural", "iZombie" and "The World is Bright" as the Lead in the real-life portrayal of "Shi Ming”.

In 2020, Berlin Lu executive produced “Cosmic Sin’ starring Bruce Willis & Frank Grillo. In 2021, Berlin Lu wrote and directed his first short film, “She Made Me”.

Sharing a poetic true story of how a child and her older brother learn to love their schizophrenic mother while transcending the need to be "normal" in this world - SHE MADE ME

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